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About Us

Moms helping Moms.

Hi! I'm Sabrina (on the left) and that is my sister, Stefanie (on the right). We are happy you are here! 

A few fun facts about us:

Sabrina is a proud (and sometimes tired) mom of 6.

Stefanie is an energetic mom of 4.

We both studied Accounting, but I like Audit and she likes Tax.

We used to run half marathons. Maybe we will again soon.

We LOVE helping moms enjoy motherhood.

So one day a few years back very shortly after I had baby #4 and she had baby #3 we decided we needed a way to keep our babies close but be able to get out and enjoy summer and splash pads and water with our older kids. We bought some fabric and put our years of sewing skills to work designing the very first SplashMagic Wrap.

Since then we have been thrilled to share a versatile baby carrier that brings the freedom and closeness of baby wearing to many parents. 

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